About Us

MiKar Dealer Services is a professional warranty processing company dedicated to providing "you" with the TOPS in quality service in the warranty business. Created by Karen Oswald . . . it mirrors her dedication, honesty, determination and precise "eye for detail" which has made her "top in her field". Karen has played an important part of the automotive industry for over 38 years. 

MiKar Dealer Services is a family-run warranty business which enables us to personalize our services to "your specific needs".  We originally began as a "Hyundai" dedicated warranty processing company.  Then as we grew we found ourselves specializing in "Kia"  too.  Now we have grown into a multi-mfg company.  

We are not only dedicated to providing you the "most efficient" claims processing service but we are also determined to ensure your warranty performance is "tops in your district"!  Let us show you how your dealership can be more productive, efficient, and profitable by allowing us to assist you in all your endeavors. You no longer need to choose between an "in-house or a off-premise warranty administrator" - we are always there for you. We become part of your team!

In addition to "warranty processing" our services include: service advisor training, customer service training, daily warranty service advisor tech support, clean-up services, warranty administrator/service manager fill-in.  We also provide adjustment sheets monthly to assist your controller in keeping your in-house warranty schedule clean and up-to-date.  Need immediate action? . . . contact us . . . we will expedite your request!  No job is too big or too small. 

 Thank you for your interest; if you have any questions ... just call or email us ... your answer is only a phone call away.

Our work is guaranteed!